At the end of the year, we want to let our hair down, kick our shoes off, lessen the stress….

Don’t be tempted to overdo things at your office function. If you intend staying at your job, remember you still have to work with these people and you WILL have to face them again. Hopefully not for a disciplinary hearing after a wild office function!

Too many glasses of vino and you might just think it’s a perfect opportunity to cut loose and tell Mary in accounts, exactly what you think of her. This is NOT a good time to tell your colleagues and boss things you didn’t have the courage to tell them during working hours. This includes asking for pay rises, telling people how much you hate your job or confessing your true feelings to Thando.

You may feel a warm sense of friendship and camaraderie at your office function. Remember, everyone wants to feel the vibe, be happy, get on with everyone, don’t mistake social norms for an invitation to overstep boundaries.

Be careful of confusing the formality of your work environment with the casualness of a house party. Over indulging on alcohol could bring out your inner party animal and there is a distinct possibility that party animal should rather party hard with your mates and family.

Have fun but remember……you are still at work